We offer both private accommodations and "family" quarters for households with multiple pets. Each of our canine and feline guests receives a warm welcome, a comfortable, secure den with connected exercise run and the personal attention of Markim's experienced staff.

The Next Best Place to Home for Your Dog or Cat!

Under the supervision of our professional and caring team, dogs are exercised daily through an outdoor play session, either privately or with a group of canine friends, and cats are lodged in a spacious "Kitty Quarters" and can take advantage of an exclusive "Cat Lounge", where they can play under professional supervision. If your pet requires special attention, medications, and/or care, we can accommodate any special needs your pet requires.

Our feline friends are lodged in Kitty Quarters, where each enjoys a spacious inside sleeping area with access to a private covered patio for exercising or just lying in the sun. Kitty Quarters overlook either the Markim Pet Resort grounds or picturesque Carmel Valley back country.

Markim's exclusive Cat Lounge is stocked with toys and climbing structures designed specifically with cats in mind. Whether it's Lazy Lounging or Playful Pouncing, visiting cats receive the personal attention of our caring staff while enjoying daily play time.

Food, bedding and daily treats are provided, although if your cat has a special blanket or toy, you're free to bring it to ensure he or she feels at home while staying us. If a special diet is required, please let us know. All blankets and toys are laundered and returned to you clean at the end of your pet's stay and, as an added convenience, we can also schedule an outgoing bath for your cat on the final day of its visit.


Evidence of current inoculations for Rabies and FVRCP (Feline Viral Rhinotrachetis, Calcivirus, Panleukopenia) is required prior to admittance. For convenience and safety, owners are requested to bring cats to Markim's office in a carrier at the time of check-in.


Feline Boarding Rates begin at $21 per day. Please note that Boarding Rates increase $10 per day during the peak Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday seasons. Reservations for the Christmas Holidays start on the second Tuesday July. Make sure you make your reservations as soon as possible.


If your cat is new to boarding, you can expedite the process of registering him/her by printing and filling out the following forms. Make sure to bring this form with you when you come to our facilities to register your pet.